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£ 85.00


Bosch GSH 27 VC Professional is a jack hammer / JackHammer for demolition work carried out in concrete, stone and asphalt. The device achieves an average output of 3.2 tons of spoil per hour – fast and efficient operation. In addition, thanks to the use of an impact mechanism with a reduced vibration level and separation of the handle, the vibration value is only 8,0 m / s2. Thanks to this, the allowed time of active work with this device is over 3 hours a day.

Extra detail: built-in shock-absorbing system and a durable galvanized frame

Product characteristics:

  • The GSH 27 VC demolition hammer has a dust switch that can be turned on without removing the hands from the handles
  • Convenient operation of the switch for both left and right-handers
  • The longer cylinder of the mechanism requires less pressure and causes less vibration
  • Durable construction: long life GSH 27 VC is provided by aluminum elements not only the housing, but also parts of the impact mechanism such as piston and hammer
  • Anti-vibration grips: spring-loaded, ergonomically shaped and covered with soft grip material allow for comfortable work – even without gloves
  • Low center of gravity: in combination with a relatively low weight of 29.5 kg, it allows easier maneuvering with a hammer

Technical Specifications

Power: 2000 watts
Voltage: 110 volts
Stroke energy: 55 joules
Speed nominal: 1500 s / pm
Connection of chisels: 30mm Hexagon lock system
Sound pressure level: 82 dB
Sound power level: 105 dB
Vibration breaker: 17.94 m / s
Hammer weight: 20 kg
Trolley weight incl. Breaker: 45 kg
Dimensions trolley: 1250 x 640 x 520 mm
Tiltable angle trolley: 25-75 degrees
Number of Unit