Per week Price

£ 720.00


The HTC 800 planetary grinder offers high performance and efficiency. The machine is powerful, yet easy to maneuver. The HTC 800 has a powerful 15 kW motor. This planetary grinder is ideal for those with high demands on cutting capacity since the grinder comes with 55 kg of additional integrated weights. The HTC 800 is a perfect choice for grinding concrete floors using the HTC Superfloor• method.  Adjust the grinding pressure using the integrated weight system.  The HTC 800 series is a winning combination of power and versatility.  Ergonomically designed.  A planetary grinder for large jobs.  Low operating costs.  The machine is easy to manage and offers high performance and efficiency.  HTC Superfloor• – Approved Equipment


Technical Details
Length                                                1349mm
Width                                                 830mm
Height                                                1225mm
Weight                                               510kg
Motor Output                               15kW
Consumption                                  25A
Voltage                                               3 x 400 / 460V
Frequency                                         50 / 60Hz
Grinding Pressure                         240 – 260 – 332kg
Revolution Speed                          450 – 1400 RPM
Grinding Discs                                 3 x 270mm
Grinding Width                               800mm
Grinding Motors                             1
Water Tank                                        26 L

Number of Unit