Per week Price

£ 300.00



The Scarifier BEF-275 (Electric) offers compact proportions giving it outstanding performance rates in preparing and planing concrete floors. The infinitely variable depth control allows for precision planing and texturing while maintaining maximum cutting life. The unique design of the cutter drum (with six shafts and heavy duty cutters) creates versatility between preparation and heavy planing. The rotation of the BEF 275 drum allows for cutting in a downward motion where some of the energy is used to propel the machine forward.


  • Rigid compact design
  • Dust extraction port
  • Forward mounted cutter drum for perfect balance
  • Side plate access for quick and easy cutter drum removal
  • Hand height fully adjustable for operational control
  • Accurate depth control for precision surface texture and maximum cutter life

Common Applications

  • Cleaning and Texturing Concrete and Asphalt
  • Removal of Paint, rust grease, ice deposits, line markings, and concrete laitance
  • Concrete reduction and scabbling
  • Removal of roof chippings
  • Grooving applications
  • Removal of waterproof membranes from bridge and car park decks

Technical specifications

Phase Three
Power Output: 10 HP
Voltage: 415V
Cutter Head Speed: 1640 RPM
Cutter Working Width: 10.5 ins
Working Distance from Wall: 2.5 ins
Weight: 150 Kg
Number of Unit