Application: Concrete Coating Removal, long life, less scratch
Diamond Grit: 50 / medium coarse
Number of Segments: 1 x Diamond Segment, 1 x 1/2 PCD , 1 x TCT point
Abrasive:  Superabrasive
Segment Height: 5 mm

Recommendation: Used with HTC machines.
Features: PCD grinding tools are widely used for removing all types of stubborn coatings such as paint, varnish, glue, epoxy, acrylic, screeding residue, VCT mastic, black tar adhesive as well as thick rubbery material. These tools are highly efficient for the toughest situations such as the removal of very persistent coatings.

Pictures are just for reference.
Color and the number of segments can be different to picture so please always refer to specification.
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PCD Position

PCD Right, PCD Left